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All our engine parts are brand new never rebuilt or remanufactured with us you just get the very best

Professional Engine Installations are available in-house. Please call for availability and specific price rates for each vehicle.

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U.S. Engine provides customers with free or discount towing services to its installation center for custom engine installations.

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 Highest Quality Marine Engines - built will all brand new parts

With a 7-Year Warranty 1-800-542-3214



For years we are known as  the best marine engine builder because we are the only company that designs  marine engine to use much less fuel while at the same time delivering more horsepower.  The fuel savings alone will pay for your new engine in just a few years

Our fuel saving guarantee

350 / 5.7

Since you are replacing your  350 / 5.7  200 to 280 factory horsepower replace it ours with 300 to 350 horsepower  we will guarantee you will feel the difference in power and consume  less fuel or we will refund the difference.


Now that your replacing your original factory 4.3 try our 4.3 with 50 more horsepower  engine and we will guarantee you will feel the difference in power and use less fuel or we will refund the difference.


454 / 7.4

You know how much fuel these engine use. We build the same engines  with more horsepower and torque. We guarantee if you replace your factory's 454 / 7.4 300 to 380 horsepower with one of our 410 to 450 horsepower you will use less fuel and have more power or we will refund the difference it's that simple.

383 Stroker

You can replace your 5.0-5.7 or 350 Mercruiser with one of our performance 383/6.2 stroker engines. We don't guarantee you will use less fuel we guarantee your boat will turn in to a fun powerful toy.


Marine engines refer to ship or boat engines. From your marine engines you want power, you most certainly want reliability, and you want to be able to conserve as much fuel as possible in an effort to operate your boat most responsibly and affordable. That's just what our engines will give your boat.


Fact is there are cheaper and more expensive engines, but with us you get the best marine engine at a good price. Best of all no other engine company knows marine engines like we do it's just the truth.


At U.S. Engines we guarantee our engines are 100% marine engines. Others in the industry may pass off automotive engines as marine engines but automotive engines do not have the power or the fuel efficiency that will allow the boat to operate most effectively.  At U.S. Engines, our technicians manufacture rebuilt marine engines that consume less fuel but still give you the extra power that you look for in your boat engines. We manufacture, test, and install, some of the finest marine engines in the industry – with a broad selection including Chevy GM, Chrysler, Ford, Mercruiser, OMC Ford, and Volvo Penta. For marine engines not listed, however, please call our factory at 206-405-0335.

Why choose U.S. Engines?


  • Our rebuilt marine engines use less fuel and still give you the extra power you need. We can guarantee this because we are marine engine experts. Plus we tested this on the water in boats just like yours. You will feel the difference and see the difference in fuel savings. This guarantee covers marines engines that are replaced with our higher horsepower engines.
  • We do not sell automotive engines as marine engines; automotive engines cost less to rebuild but they lack the power necessary for boats and consume more fuel.
  • We offer expert installation service.
  • At U.S. Engines we rebuild our marine engines right here in our factory, allowing us to save you money by offering you factory-direct prices.
  • Our marine engines come with new pistons, new rings, new valves, new timing set, new springs, new rockers, new push rods, new lifters, new bearings and brass freeze plugs. The blocks are bored oversize. Crankshafts, rods, head castings and camshafts are machined back to marine engine specifications. Our boat engines are built to last.
  • All marine engines are fully tested before they leave our factory. Our inspection process sets us apart in the industry. All parts are tested throughout the rebuild process and the finished engine is thoroughly inspected by our Quality Control team.
  • At U.S. Engines our marine engines come with our 7 years, 500 hours warranty. In fact, we are the leader in the industry in offering this type of comprehensive warranty.
  • U.S. Engines has nearly 25 years of experience in the industry. We offer quality and service you can trust. Our customers know they can rely on U.S. Engines to deliver them the affordable and powerful rebuilt marine engines that will give them the value they seek and a return on investment in terms of functionality and fuel efficiency.

    Place your marine engines order today. Call U.S. Engines at 206-405-0335; our expert technicians are happy to answer all your questions or help you conveniently place your order. We look forward to helping you find the rebuilt marine engines that you are looking for and making the process convenient and affordable. At U.S. Engines we not only build engines, we build relationships; and building relationships starts with offering our customers service and quality products that they can trust again and again.

    We invite you to browse through our extensive selection of boat engines. Please call us for installation prices.


  • Engine Shipping

    U.S. Engine Staff will coordinate delivery throughout the 50 states saving you time and rates getting that vessel back in the water.

    Use much less fuel guaranteed and we give you more horsepower with our redesigned engines 

    US ENGINE'S has re-designed several marine engines that will produce more horsepower and torque while using less fuel up to 25%

    We are the only company dedicated to making your marine engine better. We have tested Hundreds of our engines right on the water.

    Just in one season you will save on fuel  the price difference from stock to our performance line or we will refund the difference. Plus we turn your boat into a performance toy so you will have a much better time on the water.  

    Just hit the throttle the noses raises up, pulls you back in the seat and puts a big smile on your face.  Even feels better knowing you purchased your engine at the leading marine engine builder.

    Comes with our 7 year warranty so you will not have to buy another in two years. All our marine engine parts are the best or we could not warranty them for 7-years.

    Best of all your buying your marine engine from a true marine engine builder that really tests and make your next engine better than your original.

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    U.S. Engine provides customers with free or discount towing services to its installation center for custom marine engine installations.

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